AtomicTime 2.2

AtomicTime is designed to keep your system clock as accurate as possible
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AtomicTime is designed to keep your system clock as accurate as possible, the program check and correct the time according to a number of servers.
It's a nice, small and easy to use program, with no installation required. Anyone can use it, and in only a few seconds you’ll make sure your PC’s clock is correct.

All you need to do is unzip the downloaded file (68kb), and run the .exe file. You won’t need to install a single file or component (no .dll, nor .ini files). The download also includes the previous version of the program (Version 2.1), and the complete source code of the software.

AtomicTime uses free time servers for comparing and correcting the system clock - so it doesn’t really keep your time synchronized with an atomic server. Still, the program is quite accurate.

First, the program checks the default time servers, and selects only 4 of them - those which are faster and easier to establish connection with. The program will remember these servers. Afterwards, whenever you choose to correct the time of your PC, the program will automatically connect and compare your time with these servers.

Tomas O'Rourke
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  • Very small and useful
  • Easy to use
  • Entirely free
  • Source code available with download


  • Accuracy within one second
  • Doesn't synchronize with atomic time servers
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